We produce a wide variety of bespoke timber buildings for both residential and commercial clients.

A particular project we carried out was a porch for a new build property. Our client asked us to manage the whole project beginning with the design – we started with providing him with a scale drawing and worked together to ensure he was happy with the initial design. We then produced a full size drawing to finalise the precise decorative details before we started constructing.

Possibly our most unique project thus far has been the design and construction of a high quantity of micro herb planters for a well known restaurant in London. Our client was keen to maximize their growth in their polytunnels by lifting the trays of the floor so that they could fit a watering system beneath.

We have also designed and built a Green Oak truss for a client in Blakeney, Norfolk. Whilst the building was of a contemporary style, our client was keen to incorporate a character feel to the property.

Porch, Stanstead, Precision Made Joinery, Acton, Sudbury, Suffolk